Jun, 30 2019 (Last Update: Wed, 14 Aug 2019)

You can get the latest Windows Installer from this link. If you experience problems with Github, you can also get the installer directly from this link

To install on any other platform, please download our git repository from Github

If you're comfortable with command line you can directly use git "git clone https://github.com/deepfakes/faceswap.git" though we recommend you setup in a Conda environment. See "installation" for more information on how to do that.

Faceswap featured in Corridor Digital video

Faceswap software and techniques have been featured in a video on the Corridor Digital and Corridor Crew channels. Both videos are worth a check.

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Faceswap Manifesto

There are good and bad uses for any technology. We strive to push the ethical uses for AI technologies while minimizing the damages of the unethical ones.

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